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Each of us is unique, and the strength and flexibility of our bodies are changing. One side of your body might be more flexible in a posture than the other side. Also, your body shapes and proportions might complement the asana quite well, but not the other, no matter how simple it looks. We want to make the practice of yoga accessible, joyful, and an integral part of people’s otherwise busy lives, physical or emotional challenges. Our range of classes and services gives you the flexibility to choose the yoga instruction that best fits your needs and demanding schedule. Find out more and book a class today. 

  • Curated asana flow sequence that is suitable for women at all levels.

  • Yoga times dedicate to the gentlemen. Like-minded people. All Levels.

  • Complete your day with static asana for better rest and rejuvenation.

  • Start your day with a dynamic asana flow and mindfulness. All Levels.

  • It is paramount to bring a sense of balance and self-confidence.

  • Maintain the immune system, suppleness of the body, balance, mobility.

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