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Yoga Teacher Training Course  

We offer a variety of classes depending on your personal needs and goals. We help our students listen to their inner selves and find the courage to step out of their comfort zone. Yoga is an ancient art that teaches us to be present in the moment. We hope that our students experience the joy that this practice brings us. We have something for everyone and at all levels.


Learn Yoga & Mindfulness
Anytime, Anywhere.

Where you bring your focus, there the energy flows. Our development is toward understanding Purusha and ME to unite with My Creator. Swadyaya (self-study) helps ME see and also understand the nature of my being. All techniques of purification in Yoga Kriyas tried to bring me from the lower state of Tamas to a higher state of Sattva. Rajas are pure energy, and they can go either way. However, if Rajas are dominant, I am restless, which could be destructive, so I don't want it. Also, I am afraid of change, yet what is constant is only change. I need to be in a balanced state of mind, all the time, all the time, all the time.

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Inner Beauty, Outer Calm


Regularly practicing yoga has countless advantages, from increased focus to heightened flexibility. We work on inner harmony and calmness of mind. We remind you that your body is not there to serve the pose; on the contrary, it's the other way around. A yoga asana is there to present your body in all its glorious uniqueness. We focus on Strength, Flexibility, and Structural Alignment. Different Styles for All Ages and Fitness Levels.

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